Couple Massage

Couple Massage

Note: For reservations a minimum of 2H is needed, to be able to verify availability of my girlfriend and also the organization of the appointment and the cabin of private Spa.

Ask me for the pictures on my girlfriend.

Massages and their specialties

Tantra is a very relaxing massage with the hands and forearms.

  The Body Body is a very sensual and erotic with all body. 

The Mutual Body Body is also a massage with the full body and you can caress and touch the masseuse too, it is very soft and sensual.

The 1H appointments begin with the couple's shower and then relaxation and then massage. The 1H30MIN appointments can enjoy 30min of intimacy before starting the massage, to relax in the jacuzzi and we offer them a bottle of champagne.

All tantric massages are nude, erotic and with a “Ligam” ending for the man and “Yoni” for the woman. They can also choose not to do it and have it private between their partner.  Tantra is a unique experience made to share and enjoy to the fullest.