Course Couples Tantric Massage at Hotel

Note: For booking is necessary to make the reservation 1 day before, only under my time of work from 10am-10pm.

Exceptions could be made by reservation in anticipation.


•Course teaching & practice guide to learn how to make a good and properly massage for couples.

Which specialty is a different price.

At your home or hotel, after the training your both are free to enjoy and relaxing in privacy alone. 

Tantric massage is a Neotantra technique that seeks balance or harmonization of energy, on the way to a higher state of consciousness. Although for this practice uses the sexual energy. For this type of Tantra, the ecstasy of pleasure is not the end in itself, but the means ny which it can liberate man and woman lead them to spiritual fulfillment, to pure consciousness.

At Traditional Tantra we wil explore the well being and the softness and sweet touch with only hands, arms and stimulation with feather for a relaxing massage.

At Thaï Body Body we will explore the complex and complete specialty of the full body thaï technique, with the kness, boobies, belly and booty with more sensuality massage.

At Body Body Mutual we will explore the same technique as Body Body Thaï but with more sensuality and intensity, because ath this one it's reciprocal the touch and share.

At Nuru Japanese we will explore both techniques from Thaï Body Body and Mutual plus a Japanese technique for slides with whole body with seaweed cold gel and hot oil, a mix and fusion of both to an exquisite awakening of senses. Only practice at summer.


The section is passed as in a massage section, but we will begin by relaxing the woman first, and with my guidance and breathing exercises we will begin the ritual. Then I will teach the man the basic movements of a tantric massage, and depending on the chosen specialty, we will go on to give more emphasis accordingly. We will start massaging the couple upside down, synchronizing with my exercises and movements, I will guide you and we will go through the whole body.

Then we will turn the couple around and start massaging the entire front part, the entire body, in sync. Then for the finish the couple can choose if they want to finish one at a time or together in private. Anyway I will guide you how to do it in both. NOTE: Very important, I will not give you the happy ending in the couple, I will only guide you and teach you how to do it. But as mine specialization are with man and Lingan, at woman I guide you how to do it as is easier, but I don’t touch her. That's why in 1 day of training is included 1 extra hour and I added 30 minutes more so they can enjoy alone to practice, but not to have sex. 

And immediately we will give continuity to the other couple, the man, and we will do the same process, until the end or the decision to end up together reciprocally.

The ritual is very complete and very current. It is a unique experience for the couple, and it is worth learning to know each other and what they both like. It is very important to listen to the needs of each one. And harmony and compliance and reciprocity is only possible with trust. The job and the opportunity that I offer you is something unique, special and very nice for the mutual experience of a couple.

 So enjoy ;)