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My private Institut of well being at heaven!

Eliminates anxiety;
Eliminates stress;
Control your Body;
Activate yours senses;
Take pleasure;
Without sinning ;)





Complete Massage Formula

Includes all massage specialties, except Nuru Body Body. 1H / 400 CHF 1H3O / 500 CHF

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4 Hands Massage

Massage with 2 masseuses & 4 hands. 1H / 800 CHF 1H30 / 1.000 CHF 2H / 1.200 CHF

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Welcome to my world, join my atmosphere and enjoy it !!!

I am a young person of 26 years old and I am Franco-Spanish.
I came to Switzerland in search of knowing other cultures and I loved it and I stayed. I studied psychology and business administration. I currently speak 5 languages and am studying for my career as a translator and interpreter.

 I have been a "Pro Masseuse" for almost 7 years. Very dedicated and passionate. I like to give the best experience to my customers, and that is why exclusivity, quality and total attention and pampering, pampering and cuddling, go to who knows how to appreciate it. I have a diploma in body therapy massage, and I am in continuous training to update myself.
I have fairy hands, a soft and delicate touch. That's what my "fans" say. I am therefore more and more happy to devote myself totally to everything I do!
Above all, that I am a chic and tasty woman, with an incredible intelligence and a beautiful character. I am gentle, very sensitive, kind and educated, and I look for the same in return. Education and kindness are reciprocal, so at least we have to treat people the way we would like to be treated too; so at least respect and seriousness is a virtue that I really appreciate! If you like authenticity then you will be very happy to meet me

I am very selective with my customers and that is why I seek the same quality and the same respect that I always give.

I travel a lot and it is the best and most important experience that I want to carry with me in my heart and mind. I am vegetarian and healthy. I do meditation and yoga, and my hobby is gym, cross fit and sports. 

My body is perfect and my harmonious figure will enchant you with magic and the most intense highlight that you have ever tasted! 
Leave your wishes in my hands and I promise you that you will experience something unforgettable, special, wonderful, that will leave you wanting more!
 I give the quality and the best price without a doubt 100%. My rates are already adjusted and adapted to the major massage parlors in Geneva. You can compare and verify the difference. This is why my rates are very accessible. 


Tantric massage is a technique that seeks balance or harmonization of energy on the way to a higher state of consciousness. Although, for this purpose, this practice uses sexual energy, the ecstasy of pleasure is not the very goal of Tantra, but the means by which it can liberate man and lead him to spiritual fullness, to pure consciousness.
Tantra aims to improve the sensory capacity of people!  Tantra has more than 5,000 years of evolution and practice, so it has been used by many cultures and centuries. It comes from a type of ritual that has been found in the sacred books of Hinduism. With that, there have been mixtures over the years and practices with influences also from China. And it became popular in the 11th and 12th centuries, which is today considered a philosophy of life.

Its advantages are:

Tantra massage also helps to solve problems such as premature ejaculation or delay. Or men who have problems getting excited, and even trauma and / or psychological problems. Because the energy of Tantra vibrates at such a high frequency that it manages to overcome physical and unconscious blockages. It's something incredible, magical and very functional!  It awakens your senses, relaxes, self-confidence and feeling of well-being. And ultimately improves our relationship. It is therefore 100% recommended ;) 

Tantric massage is a type of erotic massage in which the goal is not to achieve ejaculation but to share meditation, mental unlocking and self-confidence and personal well-being. The Lingam finish is therefore a consequence of the cause of the magnetism and the pleasure that the tantric massage gives to the person who experiences it and provides the climax, that is to say the whole ritual of the massage, and not only the final part. 


 There are two types of massages: - You can watch my massages only with your eyes. 
These are: (Tantra and Body Body). 
Or you can enjoy my massages not only with the eyes, but also with your hands, and have more intensity and be able to participate too.
 These are: (only with Mutual Reciprocal Body Body and Japanese Nuru Body Body). 

- Relaxing massage (at the table, wellness & relax massage only, non-naturist)

 - Introduction to traditional Tantra massage (on the futon, massage with the hands, forearms and elbows, and relaxation with the feather)

 - Thai Body Body Massage (on the futon, massage with my whole body on your body, with my breasts, stomach, knees and hips) 

- Body Body Mutual Reciprocal Massage (massage with my whole body on your body, with my breasts, belly, knees and hips. And you can also pinch or massage me too if you wish) 

- Nuru Body Body Japonese (massage with my whole body on your body, with my breasts, belly, knees and hips. And you can also pet md or massage if you want. Use of special hot or cold gel)

With warm, natural, odorless coconut oil.

All my massages are naturist, erotic and very sensual, with a "Manual Lingam" finish. This means: is a massage adapted to sex, which leads to the climax with more intensity and duration. The whole body with all my body. With the excellence of this act and touches, from start to finish.  Perfection, satisfaction, gentleness, special and unique treatment are my priority! 


I am therefore a conductor of this energy, I guide you physically and spiritually until you can extend this vibration to the limit. You could also say that I'm like a master;)  And just as my clients appreciate my dedication, it is also important to me that my clients understand this process, respect it conscientiously. That is why I always work with honesty and truth. If you are looking for sexual services or trying to take advantage of the advantages of comparing "masseuses or prostitutes" who call themselves "erotic or PRO tantric masseuses", don't waste your time and mine. I am not trying to make money on clients by offering sexual services on my rates, and that does not interest me, and I do not work with sex. One thing has nothing to do with the other, and I ask for serenity in the same way that I give it. Do not mix things up. Erotic massages are one thing and sex is another. 

Especially if you are aggressive with your energy by contacting me or authoritarian, or macho, or cold, or poorly educated, I will also be with you and you will simply have what you have given back. I believe in the energy of "cause" and "effect" and by the continuity of "karma". I can feel it through your message or speak. Like I said, I'm reciprocal, and the same way you approach me, I will give you back. Because we are "mirrors", and therefore we refract exactly the same energy. Kindness and empathy are things that gain and deserve. It is not given simply without positive energy exchange, and less to toxic and negative people, because afterwards we get sick. Do not go through life with assaults, of course not. But whatever you give, you get it back in automatic. So treat people well and with education and respect, if you want to be treated the same way ;) 

A true tantric and professional masseuse, she offers what is essential in the tantric ritual. It does not go beyond the limits and does not mix sexual advantages. Tantric massages, as already mentioned, is a unique experience. My practices are really experienced and spin tantra. I do not sell a massage, but if a desire, a wish, an unforgettable and magical moment, a real connection with the pleasure of the senses and the culminating experience! Enjoy it and enjoy it!  Is a gift! ;)

I also do the alignment of the chakras and the connection with their corresponding energy, and I also cleanse the aura and the magnetic energies. All of this is something very special, spiritual and exclusive that only people who have a gift can do. Every day many toxic and aggressive people aggressively attack us with their negative energies, and often unconsciously, which makes our energetic body sick and makes us physically sick, which is why it is very important to be clean and give and to receive the energy of compassion and love I make it delighted, because it is something that comes naturally to me, and therefore my clients can enjoy a complete and very relaxing and positive section, where there is a Zen atmosphere but above all they are in good hands and their vibrations are positive and pleasant. It is important to know that I am not only a simple masseuse, but also that I am a therapist and spiritual healer. 


My Institute is a private and very discreet place. Calm and tranquil, there is a perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy an incredible massage moment.  It is heated, clean, refined and very comfortable. A mixture of essences, tranquility, peace and harmony, which awakens all your senses.  A unique and special place, you will feel disconnected from the outside environment and connected to a pleasant experience. 

I am 3min walk from the main Cornavin train station in Geneva. 1201, in front of the Royal hotel. The address will only be given with reservation and confirmation of appointment. This is only a point of reference. 


If I hide my face, it's because I also have a private life. As I was Photo Model a few years ago, I have a reputation and a privacy to protect, and that I will not cross or mix. My clients respect and understand this, and for me, trust is very important if you really want to trust. 
This is why one of the reasons why I also create this page is also to give a good reason to those who do not know me yet, to appreciate the time I have spent with you, to please you and invite you to get to know me better and in person, as I am 100% real, and my photos too. So with my own web I can be professional and certify my own identity! I hope you understand and thank you for your visit and your time ;) 

I can guarantee you, and promise if I am not the same person in my photos, as I do not use Photoshop, and I can certify that it is me, you would have a whole season of massage for free !! ;)